5 Gallons of Skeeter Pee

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December 9, 2010

  • 3 bottles of 32oz 100% lemon juice
  • 7 lbs sugar (or 16 cups)
  • 3/4 tsp tannin
  • 6 tsp. yeast nutrient
  • 2 tsp. yeast energizer

Straight from skeeterpee.com “Make invert sugar by adding your 16 cups sugar to a large stainless cooking pot along with 8 cups water and 14 teaspoons lemon juice.  Stir sugar to dissolve and heat to just below boiling while stirring.  Hold at this temperature for about 30 minutes.  Allow to cool slightly and pour it into your primary along with 2 of the bottles of the lemon juice (reserve the last bottle until later), and enough additional water to make 5 ½ gallons.  Add the tannin, 3 tsp. of the yeast nutrient and 1 tsp. of the yeast energizer.  Stir.”

Starting S.G. was 1.06

Then I started the yeast starter with Lalvin 1118.

December 10, 2010

Check the Skeeter Pee this AM and the fermentation has slowly started.

December 13, 2010

S.G. was 1.030

Added 3rd bottle of Lemon Juice, 3 tsp of Nutrient, 1 tsp of Energizer, stirred.

December 15, 2010

S.G. was 1.01

Transferred from primary bucket into 5 Gallon Better Bottle

Filled Half Gallon jug with leftover.

December 26, 2010

Racked, Stabilized, Degassed, then added Sparkalloid.

January 12, 2011

Racked into 5 Gallon Better Bottle

After Racking

Filtered with #1 Coarse Pads and Added 6 Cups of Sugar. Stirred to Dissolve.

January 13, 2011

Prepared bottles for filling.


5 Responses to “5 Gallons of Skeeter Pee”

  1. Troy Says:

    What kind of Energizer? Batteries or Red bull?

    seriously what’s it for

  2. Chris Says:

    Yeast Energizer adds vitamins, nutrients and nitrogen to the wine so that the yeast can ferment better. Since this wine is very acidic from the lemon juice, the energizer helps the yeast get nice and strong so that they don’t die out.

  3. Troy Says:

    looks awesome! That filter does a good job.

  4. JJ Says:

    Can you please describe your yeast starter process in detail?


  5. Chris Says:

    This is borrowed from a forum post at winemakingtalk.com but I did almost this exact procedure.

    1. Clean and sterile a quart jar
    2. 4-8 oz of warm water. use a thermometer and pitch at 90 degrees or so
    3. 1 tsp sugar and add a pinch of nutrient (stir)
    4. pitch yeast and cover with towel
    5. let stand undisturbed for 15-30 min
    6. you should see good action by now
    7. stir gently — it’s a new baby yeast
    8. let stand 15-30 min
    9. introduce the must to the yeast starter by adding no more than 1/2 the volume you have the yeast in ( if U have 8 oz. add 4 oz now)
    10. let stand 30 min
    11. add 1/2 the volume again ( so now 6 oz)
    12 recover with towel each time
    13 after a few hours U will have at least 1 quart of a vigorous starter.
    14. very important to have a warm must ( I try for 75-80 degrees, probably closer to 80) so to not have the difference of the starter temp and the must temp to be not further than 10 degrees difference to shock the yeast

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